Top 2016 Indian Website Defacements

Indian Website Defacements

Website defacement is an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of the site or a webpage. Defacement is generally used to spread messages by politically motivated “cyber protesters” or hacktivists. Web defacement is often considered a minor form of Cyber Attack, very much like a petty crime. Web defacement is relatively easier to…

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Top 2016 Targeted Cyber Attacks on India – An Analysis

Targeted Indian Cyber Attacks

Targeted cyber attacks are those which are performed over a period of time with a clear intention of damaging an organization’s reputation by stealing data from their network and servers. Targeted attacks are the worst case scenario any organization can imagine as not only it might lose reputation but also may cost millions of loss…

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Most devastating cyber attacks of 2016 that targeted Indian Banks

Attacks That Targeted Indian Banks

A very crucial and highly targeted sector by hackers is banking. Banks are the place where a country’s money lies. Almost all the banks going digital now a days, opened up a new threat to cyber world’s safety. If an attacker can get his hands on any banks e payment system he might receive good…

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Top 2016 Data Breaches and Data Thefts in India


Data Theft or Data Breach, as quoted by TechTarget is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Going Digital, a lot of Data from India, either from private sector or Government is digitized, stored online and protection from data…

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Introduction to CyberSecurity Warheads

Cyber Security Warheads

“Ransomware is more about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than the adversary’s technological sophistication” — James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology According to Yahoo’s latest revelation, two years back half a billion Yahoo user accounts’ security was compromised. Twitter experienced an outage due to massive DDoS attack on Dyn. Recently, LinkedIn’s Lynda was…

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